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Jobst Support Stockings and Compression Stockings

Jobst Support stockings and compression stockings are available to help you keep the circulation in your legs performing as they should. If you are having problems with leg circulation, swelling, pain, or a dull achy full feeling there is a good chance your doctor may recommend a variety of support stockings or even gradient compression socks or stockings.


You legs have little veins and deep larger veins that help circulate the blood up and down your legs. Because of gravity you also have little valves that keep the blood moving up your legs rather than being forced back down your legs. Over time or through illness or injury these valves may stop working efficiently causing blood to pool in your legs and ankles.

You may be having problems if you notice that achy feeling and full leg feeling at the end of your day that is reduced when you elevate your legs for a while after work of the sitting or standing variety. You may also notice that if you get plenty of walking or other types of exercise that it's not quite the same. That's because your calf muscles are helping the circulation, and that's why it usually happens to those who are standing or sitting for long periods of time.

Circulation problems in your legs may not be just from sitting or standing but can be the precursor of other types of medical conditions so it's important if you have problems that perhaps a visit to your doctor is in order.

You no longer have to wear the ugly thick stocking of the past, Jobst stockings and compression socks offer you a wide variety of socks, stocking and pantyhose in a wide selection of colors and styles. After speaking with your doctor take a look at what Jobst has to offer and find the stockings or socks that will fit your needs. Your doctor may recommend gradient socks or stockings and these are the type that are tighter at the bottom than at the top and can help keep the valves and veins working properly avoiding deep vein thrombosis.

Deep vein thrombosis is when you wind up with a clot in your legs deep within the interior veins. These clots are not only painful, but can also break apart and travel to other parts of your body. This is a serious condition and you may need medication to help dissolve the clots before they become dangerous. See your doctor if you have signs of deep vein thrombosis such as a red painful area on your legs, discoloration, swelling or a sore spot that doesn't make sense.

Jobst support stockings and compression socks can alleviate some of the danger of deep vein thrombosis and if you are starting to have circulation problems see you doctor so they can recommend the proper type.

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