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Compression Stocking for Your Health

Your legs are going to be an important aspect to your mobility for the rest of your life, compression stockings for your health can allow the circulation and blood to flow easier throughout your legs especially if you have damage or disease.


The vessels in your legs are what deliver blood to your feet, and without a good return vein the blood can wind up settling in your feet and ankles causing severe pain and possibly damage to the vessels and veins. There may be times after surgery when you must be immobile, as well as times when you need to stand in one place or sit for long periods of time can precipitate blood pooling in your legs. If you find you have problems with swelling or blood pressure problems within your legs, you need to speak to your doctor concerning compression stocking, or socks.

Compressions socks and stockings come in a wide variety and no longer are the thick ugly stockings of the past but come in colors and styles that everyone can appreciate. There are many manufactures of compression stocking today such as Activa, Mediven, Futuro, and Therafirm as well as Lymphedema garments. You'll find open toe support socks for your open toed shoes, and you'll find those you can use for dresses and even thigh highs in colors.

It's important if you think you may have a problem with circulation in your legs or even just want to protect your legs from those long days at your office desk that you see your doctor to avoid having circulation problems later in life. Your doctor may recommend graduated compression stocking that are more compressed at the ankle area and relax towards your calf or thigh.

It's recommended that if you are having problems with your legs and circulation that you do not just purchase support hose from the department store but discuss with your doctor exactly what you need. If you do not purchase the proper stockings you may wind up with a blood clot that can travel and cause you a lot more problems down the road.

Some of the symptoms and precursor of serious circulation problems in your legs will be the dull ache that happens at the end of your day, a feeling of fullness in your legs, leg cramps at night, or having the symptoms disappear after you have come home and elevated your legs for a while. You may also notice that your legs have marks where you socks or stocking ended that weren't there earlier indicating a slight swelling.

It's important that if you are experiencing any of the above that you see your doctor and don't just purchase compression stockings. You need to discuss this, there are other underlying conditions besides just a long day at the office that could be the indicator of a serious medical condition.

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