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Support Hose for Your Health

If you are one who's spending a long period of time standing, or possibly even long days at your desk, you should be wearing support hose. There's a good chance that your legs are fighting gravity on a regular basis in their circulation. In fact, you may notice at the end of your day that your legs feel heavy, full, a dull achyness that you cannot pinpoint, or they possibly might even be swollen. Normally, getting home and elevating your legs can help the situation, but this is definitely a precursor to circulation problems.


The veins in your legs are constantly bringing blood down to your toes and back up. Inside your leg veins, unlike your hands, are small the valves that keep gravity from pushing the blood back down when they're trying to pump it back to your heart. As you get older or if you don't exercise properly, these valves can become weak. Of course, injury, illness, or disease can also cause circulation problems. By wearing support hose on a regular basis you can alleviate the extra pressure on these valves, and you'll probably find that your legs don't hurt quite so bad when you get home.

The valves in your legs veins are different from the veins in your hands. You can do a short test to understand exactly what's going on. If you raise your hand above your head you will notice that the veins in your hands disappear, hold your hand below your waste for more than 10 seconds, and you will see your veins stand out. This is because they're fighting gravity and the pressure is increasing in the veins. If your legs have circulation problems, the pressure is increasing, and even blood clots can be the result.

Deep vein thrombosis is a real concern, this is where clots form in your leg veins, and while not a problem besides being quite painful, they can become an emergency situation very quickly. If you notice that you have a sore spot in your legs or thighs that is unexplained, a significant redness or discoloration, or funny swelling, you need to make an appointment with your physician as is possible. Deep vein thrombosis while not dangerous can result in heart attack or stroke if the clot breaks apart and travels upwards.

There are plenty of different types of support hose available for both men and women. You can get light support hose over the counter at most department stores, and get a doctor's recommendation for deep vein thrombosis support hose, compression support hose, gradients stockings, medical support socks and others. Manufacturers today have made them in a variety of designs and styles, so you'll be able to wear them with your dresses or slacks.

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